Translating Tim Burton from Chinese

Kaohsiung Spring Arts Elfman

From the Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival:

Last weekend, there was an open-air orchestra concert in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, attended by over 6,000 people packed densely into the lawn of the Arts Museum. It featured Danny Elfman’s score to Tim Burton films, namely:

巧克力冒险工厂: Chocolate Adventure Factory

皮威历险记: Pi Wei’s Adventure

阴间大法师: Hell’s Guru

断头谷: Headchop Valley

大智若鱼: Wisdom Fish

蝙蝠侠/蝙蝠侠大显神威: Bat-Man/
Bat-Man’s Awesome Power

决战猩球: Decisive Battle of Ape-Planet

地狱新娘: Underworld Bride

黑影家族: Shadow Clan

科学怪犬: Science’s Odd Dog

圣诞夜惊魂: Christmas Nightmares

剪刀手爱德华: Scissorhands Aidehua

魔境梦游: Magic World Dream-voyage

Can you match all the titles?

(To those of you sanctimonious types, please note this post is firmly written with the "humor" tag in mind. Please adjust your umbrage accordingly.)