Hayden Goobie, Age 8, Explains the Winter Soldier

Meet Hayden Goobie

“Hey there, Hayden. You like superheroes, right? Can you tell me about the Winter Soldier?”

The comic book one or the movie one?

“Which one is more interesting?”

Well, the comic one is more interesting, but I haven’t seen the movie yet, and a lot of the times the movie is more interesting even though it’s different than the comic one which is more better sometimes.

“So tell me about the comic one.”

From the Kindle edition of the collected Winter Soldier, Vol. 1 edition (2012) by Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice

From the Kindle edition of the collected Winter Soldier, Vol. 1 (2012) by Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice

Ok, well, basically the Winter Soldier is this guy who is like a super spy. He has a metal arm because his arm, it’s his left arm, was blown up, I mean blown off, when he died the first time. He has a gun like a rifle and he shoots really good. He has long hair. And his mask is kind of like these two black diamonds that are over his eyes. He doesn’t really have a costume I guess but usually wears like blue costume armor or something. His powers are superspy powers.

He’s a hero now and he goes on secret missions because the world thinks he’s dead the second time. Or maybe the third. He works for… I don’t know. I think SHIELD or someone because everyone is working for SHIELD now-and-days but mostly he works on his own to fight bad guys, like bad agents, all over the world. He works with Black Widow a lot, because they are boyfriend-girlfriend.

But before he was dead the second time, he was actually Captain America for a while. This was at the time when Captain America was dead for like the second or third time. He had a Captain America costume with the shield and also used a gun and he still had that metal arm of course. He even worked with the Avengers and people, like Falcon and Nick Fury. But not the now-Nick Fury, the old one who was an old guy from World War II.

“I think it’s best to save the Nick Furies for a later conversation.”

From the Death of Captain America, Vol. 2 (2008) by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting

From the Death of Captain America, Vol. 2 (2008) by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting

I know, right? Anyway, the Winter Soldier who was Captain America even worked as Captain America even when the real Captain America came back from being dead and everyone was happy and teamed up sometimes and it was pretty cool, but the world or the government or somebody told the Winter Soldier he couldn’t be Captain America anymore because before that when he was Winter Soldier he killed a lot of people and stuff so he would have to go to jail. The jail, it was a Russian jail, was a really bad place and he had to fight a lot because of his past. After one of the fights he escapes so he could become Winter Solider again and fight in secret.

Because before all of that stuff, when he was the Winter Soldier for real, he was kind of a bad guy. The Russians used him, like made him into this superspy killing machine, for years and years, since like, after World War II and the, uh, Cold War. That’s why he’s Winter Soldier, because Russia and the Cold War.

“Actually, the term ‘Winter Soldier’ was used to describe soldiers who performed what were essentially war crimes during such times of war but were forced to remain silent by their superiors. It became the topic of a investigation following the Vietnam war as well as more recently regarding Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Oh okay. I don’t know about that. So, anyway, basically the big deal about the Winter Soldier is that in fact he’s Captain America’s old sidekick who’s name was Bucky! It’s like, “wow,” right? Because for years and years everyone had thought that Bucky died during the wartime, even Captain America thought this. Bucky had like died when Bucky and Captain America tried to stop a plane that a bad guy was using to launch a bomb so Bucky jumped on the plane when it was in the air but the bomb exploded when it was in the air and everyone thought he was dead. Baron Zemo was the bad guy, the dad Baron Zemo not his kid. Captain America was thrown into the water which was icy and was frozen until modern times. But what everyone didn’t know was that Bucky was also thrown into the ice and water and was also frozen but not for as long because the Russians took him from the water and experimented on him and gave him his metal cyborg arm and washed his brain to make him a bad guy for them.

From Captain America & Bucky: The Life Story of Bucky Barnes (2012) byEd Brubaker, Marc Andreyko, and Chris Samnee

From Captain America & Bucky: The Life Story of Bucky Barnes (2012) byEd Brubaker, Marc Andreyko, and Chris Samnee

That’s when he did all the bad things as a villain. When he wasn’t a villain the Russians just put him in the refrigerator until they needed to do some bad stuff and they’d take him out again and make him do the bad stuff. But it was okay because Bucky really didn’t know what he was doing he was just brainwashed and stuff.

So basically one of these times the Winter Soldier is made to go after the Cosmic Cube because this Russian bad guy wants the Cosmic Cube because it’s basically a wishing cube that makes all your wishes come true. He, the Winter Soldier I mean, has to kill a bunch of people before he does this and that’s when Captain America learns that the Winter Soldier who is Bucky is still alive. The two of them fight a little bit, but Captain America is the one who actually gets the Cube and makes a wish for the Winter Soldier to remember who he really is and it works and Bucky isn’t a bad guy anymore. But I mean he feels really bad for being a villain for so many years that he leaves and it takes a little bit of time before he gets to be friends again with Captain America after a while.

But I mean it turns out he did a lot of bad things during World War II too. (‘Tu-tu!’ Ha!) When he was Captain America’s sidekick during the War he always did the bad things so Captain America didn’t have to, like kill all the Nazis and things, but that was okay because it was war time and the bad guys were going to take over the world or something. He had a blue and red costume with diamond kind of mask and just called himself Bucky as his sidekick name even though his name really was Bucky in real life. He was just a kid who was living with the soldier troops for some reason and he came into Captain America’s tent when Captain America was changing into his Captain America costume and so Bucky learned Captain America’s secret identity. That’s when instead of blabbing about his secret identity he made Captain America take him as a sidekick and they fought the bad guys and super-Nazi soldiers and everyone. But really that’s what the government’s plan was all along and they had Bucky do all the bad work so Captain America wouldn’t have to.

I think all of the bad stuff he had to do really makes him sad, but he knows it’s important to fix your mistakes and so that’s why he stays as the Winter Soldier so that he can fix all the bad things he used to do like when he was helping the bad guys and training other kinds of winter soldiers. I guess that kind of makes him like a guy-version Black Widow and I guess that’s what makes them kind of boyfriend-girlfriend. It’s also kind of sad that he can’t team up with his best friend Captain America any more because since all the bad things he used to do, as the Winter Soldier I mean, are not a secret any more and no one wants a bad guy like that to be friends with Captain America even though it is kind of interesting.

I like the Winter Soldier but he’s not my favorite. I think he should have a better costume and maybe he should have some kind of ice-powers or freeze ray or something because “winter.”

And that’s all I have to say about Winter Soldier.