Story Meeting– Ka-Zar and the Beast Brood

Ka-Zar and the Beast Brood

Brace yourself; here it is: “Mutants versus Dinosaurs with Hi-Tech Superhero Adventures in a Secret Jungle.” Brilliant! Am I right or am I right or am I right?

Yes, everyone wants an idea that’s going to diversify the product line and apply a brand identity and blah blah blah executive meeting buzzwords blah.  Forget all of that and ask yourself: is it COOL

Because, let’s face it, Marvel Comics’ Savage Land is pretty cool– a land that time may have forgot, but aliens and mutant masterminds have not! The only person who can unite its peoples to fight back against the forces of darkness is the lost Kevin Plunder, a.k.a. Ka-Zar, the Son of the Tiger. 

You got ACTION!

Together with Shanna the She-Devil, Ka-Zar must risk daily life among the dinosaurs, while saving the day from such threats as his brother Lord Plunder, Garrokk the Petrified Man, and Terminus– the Alien that Walks Like a Mountain! But all is not so bleak! The evil High Evolutionary’s terrible experiments may have created the Savage Land Mutates, but a heroic few have broken free to help fight the good fight as the Beast Brood! It’s like a mixture of He-Man & the Masters of the Universe, Thundarr the Barbarian, and Land of the Lost. (So, so 80s.)

You got PATHOS!

Ka-Zar, a feral boy raised by saber-toothed tigers, must grow in his realization of what the Savage Land is all about, making the “real world” seem like the one that is a mythological paradise. Shanna, herself not a native to the Savage Land, is always searching for an escape, despite all the while falling in love with Ka-Zar, who himself doesn’t understand the longing for this “real world.” Ka-Zar becomes a bit Peter Pan-like, with Shanna the Wendy character and the Beast Brood as the Lost Boys. The Brood are also a source of pathos (since they are, after all, mutates!) but also of comedy. Their personalities don’t have to be too complex, but it’s all about their interactions. Brainchild is the egotistical and nerdy one. Amphibius is the bouncy and enthusiastic one. Barbarus is the silent, slow but strong one. These three would be the central characters (animation does have a budget, you know!) although you could rotate any number of them in and out of focus depending on the episode. Make Lorelei the lazy Lotus-Eater one, Lupo the intense and ADHD one, and Worm the know-it-all, world-weary one (or is that too Caterpillar-Alice-in-Wonderland?)

and you got … TOYS!

Because, Zabu. The coolness really all comes from Zabu.

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