Magic Moments: Kaohsiung Arts Festival


Once again, it was time for another outdoor movie concert on the lawn of the Kaohsiung Art Museum. This time, the orchestra played a selection of scores from famous movies.

It was a nice touch to add visuals featuring clips from the movies– and what’s more, every clip had a theme running through it. Every movie had *something* about flying, whether it was dragons, airplanes, or even just a leaf or a feather. The combination of soaring visuals and swelling music was, dare I say it, quite uplifting.

Here’s the playlist in Mandarin Chinese, with a VERY tongue-in-cheek English translation. As you can see, the translated movie titles are very close to their original version, so some liberties must be taken, but it’s all for the sake of humor I assure you.

馴龍高手 = Tamed-Dragon Expert
(How to Train Your Dragon)

侏儸紀公園 = Short Age of Cleverness Park
(Jurassic Park)

阿凡達 = Afanda
(Avatar, or literally, “Amounting to Mediocrity.”
Take that, James Cameron!)

阿甘正傳 = Li’l Sweet’s Biography
(Forrest Gump)

外星人 = Foreign Star-Man
(E.T. the Extraterrestrial)

哈利波特 = Hali Boteh (lit., Keen-Laughter Special-Wave)
Harry Potter

回到未來 = To Return to the Future
(Back to the Future)

星際爭霸戰 = Interstellar Power-Struggle Fight
(Star Trek)

印第安那瓊斯 – 法櫃奇兵 = Yidianna Qiongse – Law-Cupbord Raid (lit., Seal
 Stillness Jade – Law-Cupboard Raid)
(Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark)

   and the encore? It wasn’t listed, of course, but near as I can tell it was:

神鬼奇航:鬼盜船魔咒 =
Strange Spirit Boat : Cursed Ghost Pirate Ship
(Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl)