Hayden Goobie, Age 8, Explains Marvel Comics’ the Falcon

Meet Hayden Goobie

Hayden! What’s up little dude!

I don’t know, the SKY?!?!

Ha ha ha, smart guy! Well, you know what’s cool? And don’t say ice cubes.

Okay… I don’t know, the SNOW?!?!

Actually, the new Captain America movie is pretty cool.

Yeah, I know that.

I was hoping you could tell me more about the Falcon, because he looks cooler than even ice and snow.

Yeah, I know that too. Okay, well basically there are like three Falcons, one for the movie, one for the cartoon, and one for the comic. Well, really there’s even more, like the Super Hero Squad Show one, but that show was really just for babies so it doesn’t count. But really their powers are all the same, because they have the same superpower of wings, but not real wings like birds’ wings, they’re special jet packs with wings so they can fly. And actually the comics one is pretty different because he has even more superpowers and he has even a sidekick which is a real falcon. He can talk to his pet falcon whose name is Redwing but not with his words kind of talk to it, but with a special power of his mind. Actually he can talk to ALL birds like that, but not like all the birds in the world, I guess, maybe just the whole city or something.

OK so for the Movie-Falcon, the guy used to be a soldier and now he is a counselor, just like Captain America who used to be a soldier, so he does counselor things for him, and they fall in best-friendships with each other. Together they team up and they have the adventure in the movie together. That’s pretty much about it.

The Cartoon-Falcon, he works for SHIELD too because pretty much everybody works for SHIELD. This guy was a big Iron Man fanboy and helped the Avengers by stealing Tony Stark’s Falcon suit that was going to be given to SHIELD anyway and he stayed around to have adventures with the Avengers. He’s smart and knows a lot of sciencey and technology skills but he is some kind of squee-ing kind of newbie to his heroes.

The Comics-Falcon is, umm, more complicated I guess. Basically, he works like a social worker in New York, I guess, but I really don’t know what that does, so I don’t know. Right NOW he is one of the Avengers but doesn’t live in the Tower or anything he just helps them sometimes. Two different teams sometimes. Both the regular Avengers and the Mighty Avengers, which is better I think.

Mighty Avengers: No Single Hero (2014) Available as trade paperback (no Kindle edition) or at Comixology here

Mighty Avengers: No Single Hero (2014) Available as trade paperback (no Kindle edition) or at Comixology here

All right, so waaaaay back in the day, the Falcon was like Captain America’s partner, and he even had his name in the title of the comic book which was called Captain America and the Falcon. It all started when Captain America was trapped on a tropical island like on the Carob-Bean or somewhere. He was trapped because his enemies who were a bunch of Nazis tried to rule the islands and also kill him. The Falcon who wasn’t the Falcon yet just Sam Wilson which is his real name was also on the island, because he was vacationing there but stayed to help the peoples there be like in a revolution against the Nazi guys. Sam Wilson had his pet Redwing there too which he had first bought in South America for some reason. Anyways, so Captain America and Sam Wilson teamed up but Captain America told Sam Wilson to dress like a superhero and he trained him and together they helped inspire the peoples and defeat the Nazis. When they came back to New York they stayed best friends and superhero partners and fought a lot of crime together.


Captain America #117 (1968)

And then at some point all of that wasn’t really true, because the Red Skull who is like the most evil Nazi bad guy ever and Captain America’s biggest enemy, showed Captain America that he had messed with Sam Wilson on that island so that he could mess with Captain America’s head. The Red Skull said that Sam Wilson was really some guy called Snap Wilson and was like a big crime boss criminal who was flying around South America for some reason and crashed on the island from before. But the Red Skull used the power of the Cosmic Cube which is like this wishing machine type of gem or something to make Snap Wilson think he was instead Sam Wilson on vacation instead. So then of course the Falcon started to act all Snap Wilsony once again at that point, but Captain America beat up the Red Skull and everybody went back to normal after that and nobody really talks about it anymore.

Oh! And also at one point there was a Sentinel which is this kind of robot that can hunt mutants and one time it was hunting in New York and called the Falcon a mutant and so everyone got a little confused like maybe his connection with birds is some kind of mutant thing but that made no sense and so everyone thinks the Sentinel robot was really just broken at that time and nobody talks about that anymore either.

Now-and-days the Falcon, I mean the Comics-Falcon, works for SHIELD too as well as teaming up with the Avengers like I said before. I’m not sure when it started happening, it just sort of happened. This lets him work again with Captain America sometimes, because Captain America works with SHIELD all the time too now for some reason.

I like the Falcon but he’s not my favorite either. I think the Falcon is best when he is on a team or when he is a partner to someone like Captain America because I’m not sure what he can do on his own besides being a basic superhero. I mean it’s good that he is in the big city to fight crime and everything, but maybe he should go back to helping peoples in smaller countries like when he first started on that island. Then he can help the little guy fly high instead of working for the SHIELD or doing superspy stuff like everyone else does all the time.

Or maybe because he doesn’t really have many powers he can get a new power to make him turn into a giant falcon instead of just talking to one all the time. Then he can fight bad guys in a giant bird-form! And maybe even shoot a kind of energy from his eyes because falcons have good eyesight and everything.

And that’s all I can really say about the Falcon.