Marvel’s Spidey Super-Stories present: The Falcon

Can you tell I’m anticipating the premiere of Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier? It’s like Falcon appreciation week here.

Anyway, there was once a comic for new, lower-elementary school readers called Spidey Super-Stories (1975). It featured Spider-Man (due to his licensing for the PBS series The Electric Company) as well as a diverse cast of supporting heroes, both from The Electric Company as well as Marvel Comics’ canon.

But it certainly helps to clarify and simplify the origin of the heroes, as Hayden Goobie would appreciate:

from Spidey Super-Stories #13 (1975) by Winslow Mortimer

from Spidey Super-Stories #13 (1975) by Winslow Mortimer

So… just to reiterate. Some heroes are made by being bitten with a radioactive spider. Some heroes are made when their parents are gunned down in an alley. Other heroes? They like birds and buy a pet falcon, teach it tricks, then later dress up like it and fight crime with it.