Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)


Non-Spoiler Quick Review here! Let me put down some more spoilery stuff in a later post…

Simply put, this movie is amazing. The characters are extremely well-drawn with very good performances from everyone. The set pieces are dramatic, distinct, and, when appropriate, beautifully rendered and composited. The action flows so extremely well, although there is an abundance of shaky cam that obscures the great choreography. You’ll also find here one of the most exciting car chase sequences in recent memory. Story-wise, it’s great to see such a competent hero in Cap, yet one with real vulnerability and pathos. Watch him seamlessly move in and out of action, some of which is definitely super-heroic.

What’s nice is that this is not simply Captain America’s story. There’s an arc, albeit more subtle, for the Black Widow, and the Falcon and Fury play significant roles here, too. Really, the subtitle here should have been Captain America and His Amazing Friends because the current title was a bit misleading for me, as I kept hoping for more time to develop the Winter Soldier himself and was left a bit dissatisfied about that.

Overall, though, the best praise is that this is a perfect example of a Marvel comic book in movie form, really, with over-the-top action, hi-tech wonder, mad villainy, and yet genuine humanity and uncompromising heroics. Highly recommended.