Story Meeting– Tigra: The Claws of the Cat Movie

Tigra: the Movie


Greer Nelson is a lab assistant to Dr. Tumolo and wife to a Chicago cop. When her husband is beaten into a coma at the hands of criminals rumored to be involved in occult practices, Dr. Tumolo urges Greer to submit to her experiments, turning her into a costume crimefighter called the Cat. Turns out, there is a mysterious cult behind the crime — the demonic Rakasha, or Cat People, who are operating in Chicago in some kind of demonic turf war. It turns out too that Dr. Tumolo is a Cat Person herself! Greer freaks out, of course, believing it all to be a set up so that she would be forced into some kind of “Chosen One” role, but it turns still more out that Dr. Tumolo was actually working against the Cat People, as a renegade. The full expression of her “science” will turn Greer fully into Tigra, the avatar of the Rakasha, so she can take down the Cat People once and for all. The big demonic turf war is headed by some guy calling himself Pandemonium, who awakens/brainwashes Tigra’s husband as his own champion. They battle, of course, but power of love or whatever helps take Pandemonium down once and for all, although her husband is lost forever, plus the resulting demonic underground power vacuum will likely keep Tigra busy for several sequel and/or the animated series spin-off!