Game Chef 2014 – Update & Big News


I am truly honored to be named a finalist in the Game Chef 2014 competition.

Since I am currently undergoing yet another life-change (hey, if I didn’t like them, I’d stop doing them, right?) and all the stress that such change-ness brings, it was very humbling and encouraging to be considered. The competition looks very tough, but I am very happy to have gotten this far.

Please check out the other nominations HERE.

Looking back, I realize there are quite a few errors that popped up all over the place in my submitted draft, and I’m not sure the mechanics for the story-telling are really firing on all cylinders like they should be. This is definitely version 1.0 and needs some tweaking (and playtesting!) so for that reason I’m doubly appreciative of all my reviewers and genuinely thankful.

Regardless of the outcome, I will be taking a second look at the draft and making updates where appropriate. In the meantime, here’s the original post with a link to the draft for the 1.0 version.

Thanks again!