The author/artist Danny Wall teaches Literature, Philosophy, and Drama, and sometimes all at once. Prior to this, he has been an artist, writer, traveler, social worker, scholar, animator, filmmaker, and connoisseur, and sometimes all at once. He has been known to single-handedly rescue struggling third-world countries from grips of evil dictators, but is also known to pad his resumé. Currently, he is teaching at an international school in Taiwan.


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  1. Hello,My name’s Duran Rivera. I was looking through the directory and came across the White-Tiger which a friend of the family a Puerto Rican by the name of George Perez co-created with Bill Mantlo for Marvel comics way back when. I enjoyed the profile that you developed for the character. I did notice one major error on the page though. It had to do with the nationality of the character.

    While the White-Tiger IS Puerto Rican and while he does reside in New York city, he’s NOT an immigrant. Puerto Ricans are not immigrants. That’s a mistake many people make. It’s a very important detail to edit from the profile. Puerto Ricans are American citizens. The character is a source of pride for other Puerto Ricans such as myself, since it’s rare to see a Hispanic let alone a Puerto Rican Super-Hero in a Marvel comic book. If you have any questions or comments you can get back to me at

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