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Welcome to the FlipSide!

In what could only be described as a grand experiment, a personal hobby of drawing and writing became an nearly three-year weekly project. From 2006 – 2009, I drew and PhotoShopped a “faux-cover” and wrote a “ficlet” featuring characters from Marvel Comics that were inversions of the hero/villain dichotomy.

In other words, I took all of Marvel’s villains and made them heroes, and all of Marvel’s heroes and made them villains. One issue at a time, starting with Marvel’s first, the Fantastic Four #1–  er, 4-Victory, #1, I mean.

I haven’t really done anything with them since then, but as I write this, Marvel is currently publishing an event that ties together nearly all the books in their publishing line-up, in which– yes, you guessed it– the heroes and villains are “inverted.” It’s called “Axis.” DC has done it, too, of course, most recently with their “Forever Evil” event, featuring Earth-3 and the Crime Syndicate, which are “flipped” versions of the Justice League. (That did have its roots in comics from previous decades, to be fair.)

What better opportunity to dust off all my old stuff, re-package them in a new blog layout for anyone to enjoy (or re-enjoy)?

So… here you go. Enjoy.

The four “families” of titles include:



The World’s Greatest Science Heroes, banding together to fight for justice, for life, for VICTORY!

Witness the rise of Mr. Victorious, the love between Fantasti-Girl and the Mole Man, and, of course, the wondrous wingless Wizard! Jump in here to explore the cornerstone of the FlipSide universe.

Green Goblin & the Gremlin


How far would you go to protect your city and your only son? Norman Osborn has taken on the urban legend of the Green Goblin as a force for good, but his driven passion may threaten to turn his son into a version of himself. Can Harry grown into his own man while also keeping the city safe from the likes of the Kingpin of Crime and Spider-Man?


Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are quite the celebrities! From Ricky Jones’ Emerald Heights penthouse or the Avengers Lodge, no crisis is too large, no cast is too large, for our celebrity heroes to save the day! Mythology, science, and time-crossed heroes collide to provide high-octane and high-stakes action!

The Brotherhood


There’s a secret sub-group of humanity whose only means of survival is to keep hidden among the throngs of everyday people. The Brotherhood tells the story of a secret society of mutants determined to unite the disparate underground and to keep the world safe from the evil Mutant X and his X-Men!


4-Victory     ~     Green Goblin & the Gremlin     ~     Avengers
     The Brotherhood     ~     FlipSide Marvel Presents
FlipSide: The End     ~     FlipSide Handbook


Sketches – Disney’s Rocket Raccoon

by Danny Wall I was hoping to have a bit more time at the end of the week to through some color on this, but I have to juggle a bit more Life Stuff than usual, so here you go:

Who’s to say that Rocket won’t be the new mascot of the Disney/Marvel collaboration, especially once The Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters this summer?

Spectacular Fantastic Four – Animated

I’m a hoarder, at least when it comes to my digital files. Every so often, I have to go through my folders and try to figure out what exactly I was thinking to collect, arrange, and/or throw around all my virtual “stuff.”  Case in point– all this errant artwork that I suddenly stumble on and go “Oh, yeah!”

PLUS, many of my writing projects are a bit more long-term at this point, which will need to be balanced sometime soon with more “sketchbook” kind of short short stories.

In the meantime, enjoy some of the other kind of sketches I’ve stumbled upon. It’s inspired by Sean Galloway and the TV show Spectacular Spider-Man but features different Marvel heroes:

specfourspecfour 2 specfourcolor

The Hellcatmobile

Batman, you got nothin’ on this slick ride…

from Defenders #63 (Marvel Comics, 1978) by David Kraft and Sal Buscema

from Defenders #63 (Marvel Comics, 1978) by David Kraft and Sal Buscema

Then it’ll be back to the Hellcatcave for Hellcatcookies and milk!

To recap:

Hellcat wants everyone to “boogie on into the Big Apple, lickety split!”

Havok holds on for dear “life.”

Black Goliath gets on board while still 15′ tall.

And there’s no room for Cap’n Ultra, who’s probably calling out “hey, guys? Come on, wait up! Guys?!”

By the way, they’re off to fight Batroc the Leaper, Sagittarius, the Blob, Plantman, the Beetle, Porcupine, Electro, Meteor Man, and Whirlwind from making off with big bags of gems from the Diamond District. It all started with the Defenders making a TV documentary and spurring the heroes of Hellcat’s carpool to come together, but also hordes of villains to swarm the streets.

See what reality TV does for you?


Design Challenge – Captain Marvel’s Sidekick

Every Captain Marvel needs a sidekick!

Every Captain Marvel needs a sidekick!

A long time ago, I joined an art contest modeled after Project Runway, but this time with superheroes!

Here was my entry for the challenge to take a current superhero and give him/her a sidekick. The result was Binary Mary!

As you may remember, Captain Marvel was once known as Ms. Marvel and even at one point had the code-name Binary. I took that moniker for inspiration, along with the idea that another Captain Marvel had a sidekick named Mary, and ended up with Binary Mary.

I probably would go with a different design if I had to re-do it now, but I still love the color combo!



Dinnertime Harold

Photo: Dream House  Source: Time/Life Photo Archives  Location:Los Angeles, CA, US Date taken:	May 1946 Photographer:	Bob Landry

Photo: Dream House
Source: Time/Life Photo Archives
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
Date taken: May 1946
Photographer: Bob Landry