Game Chef 2014 – The Stuff of Dreams and Nightmares

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The Wildlings have invaded your dream!
Will it make you laugh or make you scream?
The Stuff of Dreams and Nightmares help fight or flight
Until half the Star Maps have tapped their light.
When a “Question” is posed, more Stuff you may win  Or else be lost in dream when your Star goes dim. 

~ . ~

Welcome to The Stuff of Dreams and Nightmares, a free-form, round-robin, story-telling game where you and your friends play both yourselves and the strange creatures called Wildlings. Will the Wildlings use the powers of the stars to absorb all the Stuff of Dreams, or will you be able to take control of the dream, and escape?

GAME CHEF: an annual game design competition. 1 Theme. 4 Ingredients. 9 Days.

This is my entry for 2014.

The theme is “There is no book,” prompting my decision to use elements of board games, plus a special twist– players use Play-Doh (ahem, “modeling compound”) to create their own monsters. Players are both protagonists (as their dream-selves) and antagonists as they tell a collaborative story in order to move the “Stuff” from a reserve into their own personal area. If they can do that successfully, everyone wins! If their area runs out first, however, the story must end in tragedy.

You’ll have to look inside to see how the ingredients are incorporated. Basically, the monsters are the Wildlings, who are powered by the stars, such as the Tiger or Sickle constellations, and the Wildlings may try to absorb all the Stuff of Dreams and Nightmares, which will make the Players’ dream-stars darken from Bright, to Glittering, to Dim… or worse!

Click here for the PDF:
Stuff of Dreams and Nightmares by Danny Wall