Once Upon a Travel Documentary

Once Upon a Taiwan… in Kaohsiung

captionAn exhibition warehouse in Pier 2 Kaohsiung, this one featuring “100 Years of Doraemon” 

CNNGo, the travel channel for CNN, recently featured Kaohsiung, my city of residence for this period of time in my life. For the second-biggest city in Taiwan, it’s quite relaxed and has that “small town” feel of a laid-back community more interested in simple work, fast friendship, and loving life.

What I really appreciate about the city is its support of art and music, and a range of art and music at that. One of my favorite places to simply wander around is the Pier 2 Art Center, which is featured first on the list at CNNGo. What follows is their write-up of Pier 2, the first of their Top 6, and you’ll find more on their site as well as their video travel documentary (dated 15 January, 2014)

Pier-2 Art Center

A former warehouse, Pier 2 is packed with exhibitions and outdoor art.Once a cluster of warehouses, Pier-2 Art Center has helped boost Kaohsiung’s cultural credibility by providing a revamped space for artists and musicians to hold concerts and exhibitions.

Every year Pier-2 hosts events as part of the Kaohsiung Design Festival and Rainbow Bay music festival. The two-day Rainbow Bay Festival is one of the biggest music events in Taiwan.

Pier-2 Art Center, 1 Dayong Road, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City; +886 7 521 4899