Universal Truth

Google's Time Life Archives; February 1959; Photographer: John Dominis

Google’s Time Life Archives; February 1959; Photographer: John Dominis

What if doing the Hokey Pokey and turning yourself around really IS what it’s all about?



Having Words with Words


Words, where are you?

Ah, there you are.
I think.
Verbs, you seem so apatethic.
Adjectives, you’re languishing.
Nouns? Ew!
Interjections, you’re such blobs.

I know it’s been a while.
I’ve kind of ignored you
Haven’t spent time with you
But thinking of you doesn’t count,
Not if thinking of never becomes working with.

There’s so much more we can do together!
To explore the world
To plumb the depths of understanding
To light the world with art.

Words, what do you say?


The Difference Between Sayonara and Zaijian…

I’ll always remember my first.
My first time I lived overseas.
Japan was exotic, unfathomable,
That beguiling charm of mysterious.
And me?
She let me be with her.
Everyone else is jealous. How did *I* get to land her?
After all, it’s TOKYO.
After five years, you start to realize
The honeymoon is over.
I can live with it. I think,
Maybe it’s just me?
I’m starting to see the blemishes;
They’re flaws I can’t begin to ignore.
But somehow it’s presumptuous of me to point them out?
Maybe it is just me.

She doesn’t care.
I tried to make her like me.
Her high-maintenance highness.
Her love of the new even if it’s unnecessary
Her love of the tradition when it’s necessary
(but not necessarily convenient or even right)
My ダーリン, it’s you, not me.

Finally, it’s time.
I leave with nothing,
Closing the door on nothing but walls floor and ceiling.

Taiwan will have me.
She’s open, and gives knowing hugs
Vivacious with a laid-back energy, always smiling
She’s not the first on the dance card
Everyone else only knows her from years ago
That one time when she made toys or something
They don’t see what I see
That there’s lots of rain (LOTS of rain) but
It makes for nature (LOTS of nature)
And good-natured neighbors, with lots of flaws.
Hey, we all have flaws, so let’s put our best face on
(even when it’s not necessary nor convenient.)
She’ll just let me be me.

She doesn’t judge.
Or maybe she judges, but with a mutual understanding that any such judgement doesn’t really mean anything.
She’d love it if I stayed, but there’s no real chemistry.
She knows. (It happens a lot, I think.)
All those little things are fine but they’re starting to add up.
I don’t see this really going anywhere.
I guess I needed a rebound country.
My 很朋友, it’s me, not you.

The time has come.
I want to take so much with me.

Shanghai has invited me over.
Looks like the start of a new relationship.
Maybe after a couple of these
I’ll finally know what I’m doing?
Finally find someone to settle down with?
What if THAT is not me, after all?

Let’s just start with “Ni Hao”
And see where it goes.

Haiku – by Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom Haiku

Plans foiled, hands poised.
Defeat yet prompts defiance.
Doom, ever indomitable.

Poem: How Many Syllables in #?

“How Many Syllables in #?

Type. Distill pure thought.

Think. Retype. Make each word count.

Haiku a new tweet.

Once Upon a Sydney: Featherdale

Welcome to Featherdale

Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney, Australia http://www.featherdale.com.au/

Observed at the Featherdale Wildlife Park, April 2014

This gaggle of girls have all come from the nearby girls’ school.
An annual migration.
They hold papers to fill out when traveling from site to site but
they are very concerned with the shiny trinkets held in their
Chattering all at once
It takes specialized study to understand their unique language
So basically
Yeah! (pronounced in three syllables)
Anywayz (pronounced with a zed)
I know-oooooh
It all seems to center around discussion of their opposite gender
The only thing I can make out is that Ian is so cute
And Straight Hair is the queen bee, able to bring the rippling laughter to a crescendo
or a pause.
Whatever, Frizzled Hair.
That was Not Funny.

And here’s a family unit,
from Hong Kong, judging by their sounds.
The two appear a couple, with the eldest the female’s mom.
Let’s call her ‘Grandma.’
Grandma moves slowly, in a shuffle, her arms at her sides,
but her face is wide and bright, taking in the wonders of her environment
with a pursed smile and twinkled wrinkled eyes
Notice her body jump as much as it is able when allowed to touch
the koala.
Has she ever experienced anything like this in 87 years?

Another trio, all female. The largest is quite tall for her species.
And overweight.
She is the matron, she speaks with authority about all they
Whether it is right or not, her voice declares she has seen it all
The same voice directs her daughter from afar,
Instructing her in the best way to feed the wallabies
from a stale ice cream cone of alfalfa purchased from a vending
Homo Americanus.

Over there, that’s Molly.
Notice her long red hair but vacant eyes.
Her colors are the typical green polo and khaki of Featherdale
She carries an armload of eucalyptus branches, obviously meant
for the Koala exhibit.
Behind that tired expression is the drudging patience of daily
She likes animals, she does.
It pays for university.
If only there weren’t so many other humans in her territory